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Taking a Bite Out of Hunger

Action is necessary to combat the very real issue of child hunger. CoreGiving is focused on hosting multiple annual programs that activate our network to inspire fundraising, raise awareness about how hunger affects U.S. children, and volunteer time to serve our communities. Our goal is to enable everyone to join in our mission, making a difference in communities that need our support and the lives of children who need food security as a baseline to thrive.

Our goal in 2023 is to provide 20 million meals to food-insecure households and dedicate 20,000 hours of hunger-relief volunteer service.

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CoreGiving Day

CoreGiving Day is an opportunity for all CoreGiving partner employees to volunteer at local food banks. 2021 was the inaugural year, with just over 1,000 employees volunteering with 24 hunger-relief organizations in 19 cities nationwide. Our second annual event in October 2022 mobilized more than 2,100 volunteers who served at 60 sites in 40 cities across the U.S.

Hunger Action Month

Every year in September, in honor of Hunger Action Month, we partner with local food banks in our communities to bring awareness to child hunger. 100% of all food donations from our food drives directly benefit families and children in need.

The need in our city during this time is overwhelming, but because of the generous response from friends like you, we have been able to set up and help feed our neighbors who need us.

Jilly Stephen, CEO of City Harvest